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Guess who's back!

Posted by io3creations - July 26th, 2012

Great News! Finally, the game that you have been waiting for: StickMan Sam 10!
Oh, I know what you're thinking. What about StickMan Sam 9???
No? Part 8?
Still not it? Part 7?
Perhaps Part 6?
Those will be released ... eventually. ;)

Why release Part 10 before Part 5? The answer is simple: Why not? It's all part of StickMan Sam's adventure series. It'll make sense after you play all of them... or maybe not. It makes sense to me.

In case you are wondering, this will not be first time in history that such a "skipping" has occurred. For example: the comic book Chew #18 jumped to #27. Check it out: link

Play StickMan Sam 10 now:

Comments (3)

Stickman Sam was always a favorite of mine!

Thanks! It's good to hear that people still remember StickMan Sam. :)

You're gonna make stickman sam 5,6,7,8 and 9? That's a shit load of Stickman Sams right there. However, I wanna tell you, are you sure you're gonna make five games in total? I think sticking to like one or three is better. Unless you have the same motivation strengh to make games as I wish I would You would lose intrest instantly. I don't know, everyone's different but won't you lose your motivation to make five stickman sam games? You do have a job right?

Yes, there'll be 5-9 and even more ;D

If you look at my account you can see, I've made a lot of games. Motivation is actually something I have a lot of but it's the other things: time and other stuff...

Nowadays, I do have a little more time and have a few decent game engines so StickMan Sam sequels should come out every two month or so.

Oh man I love Stickman Sam! It's been one of my most favorite games since 2004ish! But I am not really liking Stickman Sam 10, it just doesn't feel like Stickman Sam, it feels more like neon runner. You should make another Stickman Sam shooter with a revamped engine and stuff.

Yes, there will be a few more "shooter" type StickMan Sam games but then Sam will have many different kinds of adventures. ;)