Happy Pico Daaaaa...!

2014-05-08 18:03:18 by io3creations

Missed it by a week?  Oh boy ...  At least there are some NG games on the front page so a little Pico Day spirit is still around. :)

A year ago I found out that most people are not cut out to be Tankmen:
I'll try to make a "cry-baby friendly" Tankman game :D

Since then "Madness: Will It Slice?"
sequel got delayed.  I was close, but found a few game stopper bugs so I decided to postpone it.

Guess what?  Here's the second step in my "Will It Slice?" series:
Might be a bit easy for some but hopefully more people will enjoy the slicing in this version.

Stay tuned!

Follow me for updates on this and other great games! :D


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2014-05-09 15:59:07

Oh my God, you're alive.

I hope I'm not sounding too bitchy, but dude. Stickman Sam Part 5. :0

io3creations responds:

Yes, I know ... :D

The game engine is almost there where I can have the things I wanted. I'll start/continue working on it "soon"! XD