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I agree that it shows promise.

Perhaps, there could be a more detailed intro tutorial. It's not very complicated, but would make it easier to become familiar with the game.

However, I found the WASD controls with 1/2/3 quite awkward because during combat I often had to move away and thus couldn't let go of the WASD buttons which prevented the use of 1/2/3.

Based on the title and image, I thought I'd be tilting the game board and not the player. (played on a computer). That might require some extra camera movement so not sure how easy it would be to implement.

In terms of gameplay, I agree with @IIITesTerIII that the game could start with simpler levels to let players get a hang of it and then increase in difficulty.

It ran fine for me but the lag may be a combination of computer speed and also the size of the game window. Other games are much smaller but yours is about 1200px x 700px. That may require more rendering, hence laggy performance on some computers.

I did have one issue. When I clicked the Options button after the second level, the game froze and I couldn't continue or click any buttons. The entire screen had a dark tint but the background animation was moving.

BlastOffProductions responds:

I've just released the new patch, the options panel is now fixed, and I have made the window smaller as you suggested. I hope this fixes everything, thanks again for your feedback!

This is a pretty fun and original (unless someone has done something like it before) "time waster" type game. Perhaps the menu buttons could use a bit more style that matches the 3d style of the game.

As for the laggy comment below, it runs fine for me so the lag could be caused by a "not-fast-enough" computer or perhaps browser issue.

The visuals are good but without playable controls there isn't even possibility for fun.

Interesting game, I like it for the most part :)

Having made similar games, I know sometimes it's hard to create gradual level progression. Most levels can be completed by studying them. The only ones that seemed a bit too challenging were the ones where the red areas were following the mouse.

I haven't seen any bugs, not sure what dunnavantjohn refers to.

Really good looking style but the gameplay could be different. When you start, you don't have much control but when you get down to 5% or 1% then there isn't much challenge. Yes, it's different than other time manipulation games but doesn't seem work well. Perhaps keeping the "traditional" allow limited slow-mo that players can use would give back that sense of control. Then, as the player progresses, upgrades time, health, etc would allow add more challenging enemies.

Really great looking game. :)

Game isn't that difficult (at least for experienced players) but the colorful style is worth playing. Even a second time with the bear. :)

A question: are there more than the following 3 endings?
-Select 'No'
-Select 'Yes'
-Complete game with bear

DeadToast responds:



No, that's all :) Thanks for playing all the way through!

Great quality game but I wonder about the gameplay. Is there a way to figure out how to defeat the enemies or is it simply random trial and error? Yes, I get that you have to turn toward the enemies but I haven't been able to figure out the "weak spot" for the second enemy. I tried to listen to various things but maybe missed it ... ?

Evil-Dog responds:

Seems like additional cues for when to strike would just make it blatantly obvious when to kill every enemy...so not sure what could be added.

For some reason I really liked what I've seen so far. If you don't mention that you have to press a button in the first room, I would've missed it. Actually, I tried to press the button but it took me several tries to work. I did get into a control room but then died shortly.

I like the idea and has potential, but perhaps in a different game engine it would work better.

I would be interested in seeing a walkthrough though :D

Seems like more of a proof of concept than a game albeit a very detailed one.
Agree with what others saying: add story, levels, upgrade system, reduce particles and this will be a great game.

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