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It started out good with the visuals appearing in sync with the music. Maybe you can add more content for next Pico Day. ;)

p.s. What happened to scene in the thumb image? I was expecting a psychedelic dream based on that.

chrisbasso responds:

That was a deleted Scene I wasn't going to use. thanks for rating.

Beautiful, just like your other animation: Aqua. :)

Liked it! Deducted half a star because the initial great animation style seemed to turn into something kind of generic later on (e.g. the Earth). Other than that great!

Seems like some people already overthinking it. :D

To me the "Do More, Think Less" doesn't mean lack of thinking but that there are times when it's better to act rather than think. Think about it! :)

I like it. Great visuals and beautiful music. It was nice to see the shadows of the smaller clouds zip by and the animals running around in the fields :)

If I had edited the video, I would've made a few changes.
1) As the music started to speed up around 1 minute, I liked the addition of scenes with more activity (i.e. people) but then as the music slowed down, the activity level on the screen remained high and that created a certain "separation" between visuals and sound.
2) Near the very end, as the music comes to a stop, it might be more fitting to have the video speed also return to normal level, to "bring us back" to normal life.

What is the time difference between each shot? My guess is that the video is around 10x normal speed?

For those saying this is not an "animation" ... It says "movies" near the top of the page doesn't it? And the title bar? "Everything by Everyone". Maybe not everyone's cut of tea but based on the feedback so far many do enjoy it :)

Very well done! Amazing "little" journey!

Beautiful! I could look at each frame and appreciate it :)

Amazing! :)

Very nice

I love watching these loops over and over and over and over and over and ... you get the point :) Both black and white and color versions are great!

Hope to see another similar collab in the future.

I was wondering about Flash "screen savers" but haven't really looked into it yet. I know, there is the fullScreen() thingy in Flash so if there's no sound option for screen savers then a simple .swf or .exe projector file might do the trick. That's how videos (e.g. youtube) work, so there has to be a way. I'm not sure about the scaling but that's probably just detail.

M-Shack responds:

thx. we used a prgram that converted swfs to screen save formats. Im sure there is somethign out there to allow sound

Great movie!

I really enjoyed it, especially the voice acting.
My only suggestion is that I would've preferred to have a show/hide subtitles button. Also, the fontsize seemed a bit small for me.
But those are just minor points and didn't affect my movie viewing experience.


Good job at sharing some of your "boredom" with us with this imaginative and entertaining work. Keep it up!

Current website: www.io3creations.com / - Look for StickMan Sam updates.



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